Hi everyone! I haven’t done a post in a while.

School over here in Adelaide is going to end. In fact, tomorrow I’ll be graduating from primary school! Next year I’m going off to Blackwood. Now most of my posts will not be about school, and I am hoping to update my blog whenever something interesting happens. Also, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year for the people living in my area!

40 Hour Famine

It was a while ago but on Friday week 3 the our class went through a whole school day (six hours) without speaking. It doesn’t seem too hard but I found it extremely difficult to communicate through paper. Especially went something urgent arised! We went through the school day without speaking for a very worthy cause. In East Timor families go without proper food. Iv’e heard how they must grind tree trunks into a powder. Then I think they add water and cook it on fire. I’m not too sure how they do it but however they do, the “food” they eat tastes no better than paper.

The whole school was giving something up for a day and we reached our goal of how much money we wanted to raise. It was a strange experience giving up talking but it was also kind of fun!

I.B Challenge

This term in school all the 6/7s are doing a project. The project lasts all term and you can do whatever you want! You must create the project and a journal which you record your process in. I am doing my project about my family holiday to Fiji. Iv’e already started to do the project and I’m enjoying it so far. I’ll bring more news as it comes.

Bye! 🙂


Hi everyone!

In the holidays my family and I went to a different country! FIJI! That was the first time I had ever been to a differnt country so that was very exciting! We did snorkelling, explored a cave, had a fijjian lunch, saw a poisonous sea snake, floated on a bamboo made raft, visited and old village, went dancing with some fijjians, met fijjian kids at a school and alot more! Here is a basic reflection on where we stayed.

We spent one night on the mainland in a place called novatel where we bought products for our week in Fiji (Alot of the brands were different to Australian ones.) For the next three nights we stayed on Mana island which was the best part of the whole trip! Then for the final three nights we stayed at a five star hotel! My brother and I got our own room which at first seemed a bit much.

That was what all the places I stayed at in Fiji. I’d love to go on and on but I don’t want this post to get really big like my Animal Cruelty post.

One last thing, if you ever go to Fiji you need to learn to say “bula” it means hello!


Year 6/7 plays!

We finally performed the plays! The upper primary classes of our school presented our year 6/7 plays on the 30th of June. Our class (Room 13) chose Cinders as our play and we did really well. We performed inside a huge hall in front of about 300 people! Here are the people that performed in the play and who they were!

Cinders: Erin G   Buttons: Seb   Narrators: Trevy and Millie   Prince Charming: Ryan   King and Queen: Connor and Erin H   Dandini: ME! (Aaron)   Granny: Charlotte M   Cruel Sisters: Rachael and Emily   Lord G: Nick   Fairy Godmother: Olivia   Royal Announcer: Alex   Shifter: Wylan   Ladies-in-waiting: Hayley, Amelia and Chelsea   Shifters assistants: Kellie, Hannah P and Jasmine   Prince’s bodyguards: Charlotte T, Jackson and Hamish   Newspaper sellers: Tori and Zoe   Wishy and Washy: Sira and Victoria

If you saw the plays then you would have seen how great we were! 😉 I cannot wait until the next big thing happens! Bye!

Fair Trade

In class we are doing a presentation on fair trade. For those who don’t know what fair trade is it is giving the farmers that make our everyday products (products like chocolate, coffee ect.) more money. This is because in the past these farmers havn’t been getting enough money to build a wealthy community.

So nowdays there is fair trade! Buying fair trade items may be a little more expensive than other items but it sure is worth it! So please buy fair trade to help the farmers think that the amount of money they recieve is worth the hard work they put into making our products and we can all share this world happily!

Look for this logo to make sure you buy fair trade!
fair trade logo

Animal Cruelty

Animal xcruelty pictureDo you love animals? I sure do! In class we had to write a poem about a cause that we feel strongly about and I did mine about animal cruelty. Here it is…


Monkeys are forced to perform on streets by having their babies taken away.

Bears live with ropes pulled through their muzzles even if they are strays.

Elephants are hunted down by poachers and use their tusks as piano keys.

Chickens are poisoned if they don’t lay eggs, help these animals please!

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be a whale being bombed out in the open sea.

People use their blubber in their soap, if this keeps up whales have no hope.

Through the country of Borneo tree cutters roam but the trees they cut down are orangutan’s homes.

Orangutans are endangered they’re almost out of luck, if we don’t do something now on the red list they’ll be stuck.

Every single day people overfish, and then one of these creatures ends up on your dish.

We eat them in seafood salads, also sushi rolls, the cruelty we’re giving animals makes us look like trolls.

Men go into the woods carrying loaded guns, if they see a bird they shoot it just for fun.

 Then they pluck the feathers and use them to make a hat, and then they decide to cook and eat the ones that are fat.

I think you’ll agree this is animal cruelty.

We share this world we all are free.

Saving animals isn’t just up to me.

We must stop animal cruelty before it’s too late.

It’s about time we stopped living in a world full of hate.

100 word challenge!

Hi everyone! At school we had to do a 100 word challenge. It was quite tough and we had to include these words: “Everyone clapped and cheered apart from…”. I decided to make my story a little sad. I have never written a sad story before. But it wasn’t too hard. I had to delete alot of things to narrow it down to just one hundred words. But I managed! So here it is! You can even count the words if you want!

My dad had always wanted me to be a fisherman. But I had always had my heart set on being an artist. When I completed my first painting of a bowl of fruit and was presented at a town meeting, everyone clapped and cheered apart from my dad. So today I went fishing by myself at the lake and I bought home the biggest fish I could catch. My dad was impressed I had caught such a big fish. Then I went to my room and painted a picture of it. Now I paint pictures of fish… for my dad.